About Nyree Abdool, D.O.

Dr Nyree Abdool Tampa Bay IV Therapy Doctor
Dr. Nyree Abdool

Dr. Nyree Abdool is a holistic medical doctor in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. She specializes in nutrition, weight loss, detoxification, and anti-aging. Her goal is to use natural solutions to improve and achieve optimum wellness and deliver effective results for her patients.

Dr. Abdool is a licensed family physician and a graduate of the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is also a licensed practitioner of IV Therapy, medical marijuana, platelet rich plasma procedures, aesthetics, hormone replacement and anti-aging treatments, acupuncture, homeopathy, body-centered psychotherapy, and allergy elimination. She utilizes a combination of western and eastern medicine, and IV Nutrition Therapy, along with hands-on osteopathic treatments and life coaching techniques to assist in the physical well-being and management of the disease processes of those in her care.

Osteopathic medicine is based on the philosophies that the body has an innate wisdom to heal itself and it contains an infinite pharmacy of remedies. Dr. Nyree Abdool implements this belief and uses a whole person approach to healing. She believes that all aspects of an individual’s life—the mind, body and spirit—need to be observed for complete healing. She addresses the thought patterns that create one’s emotional state, which can consequently lead to disease in the body.

By applying cutting-edge diagnostic evaluations and elaborate lab testing, combined with functional medicine, IV Therapy, and energy medicine, additional pathways to healing are accessed and applied to imbalances in the body. IV Therapy specifically aids in heavy metal detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging, and contains various anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous agents. The outcome of these treatments is improved health and more joyous living.

Dr. Abdool wants her patients to live well and be well!